Berlin Experiences Private Guided Tours
Berlin Experiences Private Guided Tours

World-famous private guided tours of Berlin – unique travel experiences tailored to help you make the most of your time in our extraordinary city!

For individuals, families, groups, schools, and companies

Private tours of Berlin starting from 70€ per hour

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Matt Robinson - Berlin Experiences Profile

Matt Robinson

Berlin Experiences - owner and guide

“In 15 years of working as a professional tour guide, I have introduced thousands of visitors to Berlin; from independent travellers, groups, companies and schools – to Holocaust survivors rediscovering the streets they once called home and the relatives of Nazi perpetrators seeking answers to the crimes within their families.

Originally from Yorkshire in the north of England, I moved to Berlin to work as a journalist before becoming a private tour guide in 2005. Specialising in Berlin’s turbulent 20th century history, I have spent years working at the former East German secret police headquarters as a historical consultant and am also a licensed guide at the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial. 

Since 2014, I have served on the board of the Berlin Guides Association as Treasurer, Vice President and now President.”

Berlin Guides Association

Member of the Berlin Guides Association – Bündnis Berliner Stadtführer e.V.

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Berlin Highlights Tour

First Time In Berlin?

Finding your feet in a foreign city can be as daunting as it is thrilling. With each junction the option between something authentic and undiscovered, and, well, a wrong turn. 

I’m here to share my expert knowledge of Berlin with you; the sights, the stories, and the security of knowing there’s no reason to fear you’re missing out on something better.

Get started with an in-depth Berlin Highlights tour

    • 3/4/5/6 hour introductory private walking tours of Berlin
    • All main sites covered (Brandenburg Gate/Checkpoint Charlie/Berlin Wall/Former Nazi Government Quarter/Museum Island etc.
    • Exclusive tours – no additional guests beyond your group
    • Private transportation also available – Mercedes/Volkswagen vans & professional drivers
    • Tours can start anywhere in the city – tailor-made routes

Private History Tours Of Berlin - 2020/2021

This collection of tours is for anyone who wants to explore Berlin’s not-so-distant past and uncover what evidence remains of the grand – and often tragic – events that have taken place in this unique city. From Berlin’s time as the capital of Prussia and Imperial Germany, to the catastrophe of the First World War; the rise and fall of Hitler’s Third Reich; the Cold War division and occupation of Berlin, and its eventual reunification following the ‘Fall of the Wall’.

Discover the key locations of the Battle of Berlin – the bloody ‘Race to the Reichstag’ that ensured the defeat of National Socialism and end of WWII in Europe.

Delve into Berlin’s darkest chapter and explore what remains of Hitler’s Berlin – a private guided tour through the heart of the capital of tyranny.

Explore life behind the Iron Curtain in the Workers’ and Peasants’ state of East Germany; examing the reality of utopian socialism up to the ‘Fall of the Wall’.

The Sudden Metropolis
The Sudden Metropolis - Berlin Experiences

Explore Weimar era excess, poverty and violence in Berlin’s Golden Twenties –  how the dream of a new democratic Germany would turn into a nightmare.

Uncover the legacy of Imperial Prussia as experienced through the lens of the parks and palaces of Potsdam – the ‘Golden Cage’ of the Iron Kingdom

Visit Sachsenhausen and learn about life and death in a Nazi ‘Protective Custody Camp’; the architecture of total control; and the tyranny of forgetting.

Matt Robinson Berlin Tour Guide

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