Brandenburg Gate

Battle Of Berlin Quiz: How Much Do You Know About The Battle Of Berlin?

Are you an expert on the Battle of Berlin

Or was it the Berlin Strategic Offensive Operation? Can you tell your Clausewitz from your Zitadelle? Your Mohnke from your Weidling? Find out with our tricky 20 question quiz about the ‘Race to the Reichstag’ in 1945.

Traces of this decisive confrontation still remain throughout Berlin but as the number of survivors dwindles with each year, the memory of what occured on the streets of the German capital just over 75 years ago lives on with those who are passionate about studying this event – the coup de grâce to National Socialism.

Each question is multiple choice and is presented with a 60 second timer – so you’ll have to check your memory rather than dive into the books.

When you have answered each question you will also get a small description of the correct answer – so you might even learn something new along the way. Your final score will be presented at the end of the quiz, as well as the option to share your results via Facebook or Twitter to challenge your friends.

If you end up stumped, don’t worry, you can join one of our Battle of Berlin tours and brush up for the next attempt…