The Republic of Fear
Life Behind The Iron Curtain


"An atmosphere of secrecy and fear..."

Berlin’s pivotal role on the frontline of the ideological conflict played out between East and West during the Cold War period is undeniable. There is no greater symbol of the absurdity of the era – and the atmosphere of paranoia, secrecy & fear that permeated the city for much of the 20th century – than that of the Berlin Wall. Still scattered across the cityscape in minor pieces.

Cold War Tour Of Berlin - Berlin Wall At The Brandenburg Gate
Cold War Tour Of Berlin - Checkpoint Charlie

"The playground for numerous international intelligence agencies..."

Carved into two competing zones, Berlin became a truly stage managed city – with each side seeking to prove the supremacy of their system. The glamourous individualistic excesses of West Berlin standing in contrast to the planned economy utopianism of the East. The city grew to become the playground for numerous international intelligence agencies vying for control – Berliners struggled alongside various plotting acronyms and government actors – the CIAMI6, the KGB, the STASI and the BND.

While what normality that existed was played out in the looming shadow of The Bomb.

Cold War Berlin
Tour Description

Berlin Private Guide - Berlin Highlights - TV Tower | Berlin Experiences

From spy novel tropes to Kennedy’s famous “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech: no city epitomises the Cold War as much as Berlin.

Here, East and Westcapitalism and communism – clashed within the narrow confines of the city, leaving their marks on buildings, streets, and on the lives of countless ordinary Berliners.

This tour considers not just history with a capital-H, but also the stories of life (and of lives uprooted) on either side of the Wall.

Hear about a society that deemed itself a workers’ paradise while waging a war of surveillance on its citizens, about subcultures carving out their own little niches of freedom, and about the events that ultimately led to the fall of the Wall.

The length of this tour means that a short snack/coffee break (not included in the tour price) can be integrated into the route – or, if requested, a longer meal break.

Cold War Berlin
Tour Sites

Berlin Private Guide - Berlin Highlights - Bernauer Strasse | Berlin Experiences

– all four of the former occupied zones of Berlin; the British, French, US & Soviet sectors
– the former Cold War Checkpoint Charlie border crossing
– numerous remaining pieces of the Berlin Wall
– the Potsdamer Platz frontier area
– a number of former East German guard towers
– the Brandenburg Gate and Berlin Wall ‘death strip’
– the Reichstag building
– the Soviet War Memorial in the Tiergarten
– the site of the 1953 East German uprising
– the former East German passport control office at Friedrichstrasse Station
– the present day (and Cold War era) North Korean Embassy
– A number of Berlin’s former ‘ghost stations’
– the only remaining preserved ‘death strip’
– the site of the famous Conrad Schumann escape
– numerous escape tunnel routes
– the spot where the first victim of the Berlin Wall died
– the TV Tower (Fernsehturm)
– the Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park
– the East German Secret Police (STASI) headquarters


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