Paul Ogorzow - The S-Bahn Murderer

The S-Bahn Murderer: A Serial Killer In Nazi Berlin

As Europe once again hurtled towards all-out war in the summer of 1939, a monster began terrorising the women of the Nazi capital city. Preying on his victims – lone females often on their way home from work – under cover of darkness for almost two years before being caught. His preference for hunting on Berlin’s train network earning him the sobriquet: the S-Bahn Murderer.

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Unter den Linden - Berlin's Avenue of Failed Assassinations

Berlin’s Avenue Of Failed Assassinations: Unter Den Linden

When viewed backwards, it is conceivable to see history as one straight line – twisting and turning through time but inevitably leading directly to the present day. The events that furnish this past, however, are not merely stations on a journey: but junctions – where the course of history is settled, as each new trajectory is plotted. The past, as we know it, as is much a matter of what is – as what could have been.

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Berlin Experiences - Soviet Tanks In Berlin

Allied Victory Parade 1945: The Forgotten Parade

Earlier this year, we covered the anniversary of the British Victory Parade that took place on July 21st 1945 – this month we take a closer look at the Allied Victory Parade of September 1945 when the four Allied powers gathered their troops to celebrate the defeat of Nazi Germany.

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As the largest engagement of the Second World War to take place on German soil, the Battle of Berlin would prove to be the desperate last stand of Hitler’s regime; the bloody coda to a war long lost & ultimately the coup de grâce to National Socialism. Join us as we explore the bloody details of these important seventeen days in the spring of 1945 in our day-by-day coverage of the Soviet invasion of the Nazi capital.


Intended to establish the framework for lasting post-war peace it instead ensured the division of Europe for the next 50 years and set the stage for the coming Cold War. To learn more about the first – and final meeting – between the Big Three (Truman, Stalin, Churchill), check out our blow-by-blow coverage of the Potsdam Conference, held near Berlin over seventeen days in the summer of 1945.

Brandenburg Gate


Every city has its long list of must-see sights and must-do things – Berlin is no different. Our 99 Berlin Experiences series examines the experiences in Berlin that could be considered essential. Either because of the historical significance of a certain location or landmark, or perhaps more interestingly the exact process of conducting oneself in the city. Consider these all a right of passage in the German capital – collect them all and you might be able to consider yourself a real Berliner.