Best Of Berlin Tour

The Best Of Berlin Tour

6 HOUR TOUR | includes private transportation & driver


The Brandenburg Gate
The Brandenburg Gate
Neue Wache
Neue Wache
Topography Of Terror
Topography Of Terror

This tour is the perfect introduction to Berlin for first time visitors or anyone looking to find their feet in the city, offering a nuanced overview of the milestone events of Berlin’s complex history and providing an intimate orientation of the important locations across the city.

If you’re fresh in Berlin and eager to get to grips with the city and its unique history – this all-encompassing six-hour private guided tour is exactly what you’re looking for – combining elements of our collection of historical experiences into one unforgettable day.


…the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall, the site of Adolf Hitler’s FührerbunkerCheckpoint Charlie, the former Prussia Royal quarter, the Holocaust Memorial, and much more…

PRICE: 850€
inc 19% VAT

Berlin Experiences - Best of Berlin Tour - Unter den Linden

Finding your feet in a foreign city can be as daunting as it is thrilling. With each junction the option between something authentic and undiscovered, and, well, a wrong turn. 

I’m here to share my expert knowledge of Berlin with you; the sights, the stories, and the secrets of the city that only reveal themselves either by chance or following years of dedicated pursuit.

All packed into one incredible day – a Berlin Highlights tour that covers almost 1,000 years of history of the German capital – a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Certainly, it was far from evident from its humble beginnings – as a minor fishing village settled in an unforgiving backwater – that Berlin was destined for the world stage. The catastrophic events of the 20th century that have come to be so closely associated with the peaceful present-day German capital seem unbelievably distant from its time as part of the remote ‘Sandbox of the Holy Roman Empire’.

However, to remove Berlin now from the European story would leave many questions unanswerable; eras have begun and ended here; events served as catalysts to the great turning points in history.

Germany’s doomed involvement in the First World War; the city’s status as the nerve centre of Hitler’s Third Reich; Berlin carved up and occupied on the frontline of the Cold War conflict; the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall; and the reunification of Germany with Berlin as the country’s capital.

Berlin Experiences - Best of Berlin Tour - Brandenburg Gate
Berlin Experiences - Best of Berlin Tour - Neue Wache

Within the six hours of this private Berlin Highlights tour, you will discover the city’s major and many minor sights – focusing on the central historic Mitte district and the five grand squares – the Lustgarten, Bebelplatz, Gendarmenmarkt, Wilhelmplatz & Pariser Platz – that dominate the area. 

This historical adventure returns all the way back to Berlin’s beginnings in the swamplands of Brandenburg, through Prussian imperialism and the raucous years of the Weimar Republic, to the countless tragedies of the Second World War, the intrigue and espionage of the Cold War, the ecstasy of German Reunification, to the vibrant capital that is today’s Berlin.

Ideal for first time visitors or anyone looking to find their feet in the German capital, not only does this tour offer a nuanced overview of the milestone events of the city’s complex history but also provides an intimate orientation of the important locations across the city. Leaving you more than just well-versed in the facts & figures but also confident and capable of exploring the city further.


This tour is not only an opportunity to explore Berlin’s present but also to come to understand its unique past and find answers to some of the most common questions related to its history.

Included Tour Sites

the Television Tower(Fernsehturm)
the former Prussian Royal Quarter
the Lustgarten
the site of the Stadtschloss (City Palace)
the UNESCO World Heritage listed Museumsinsel
the Berliner Dom
Unter den Linden
Humboldt University
Bebelplatz/the ‘Nazi Book Burning Square’
Gendarmenmarkt/ the former French Huguenot Quarter
Checkpoint Charlie
Wilhelmplatz/the former Nazi government quarter
the Berlin Wall
the former SS/Gestapo Headquarters
the former Nazi Airforce Ministry
Site of the Führerbunker
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
the Brandenburg Gate
the American, French, British and Russian embassies
the current German government quarter
The Reichstag/German Parliament


850€ for a 6 hour private van tour – max 6 person group ($910/£720)

includes 19% VAT, guide fee, booking fee, admin fee, transportation and driver costs, and tourism insurances.


All vehicles are recent model Mercedes Benz V-class/Volkswagen Caravelle vans suitable for up to six people.

For larger groups we also provide mini-vans and buses (up to 60 people).


Our tours can start whenever and wherever is best for you. Whether you’re an early bird or late sleeper.

Whether you prefer to start at your accommodation or elsewhere.


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