The Glory of Prussia
Palaces and Parks of Potsdam


"To experience Potsdam now is to embark on a study of awesome beauty..."

Breathtakingly captivating, the city of Potsdam boasts over 20 palaces and villas, constructed in various architectural styles, that once served as the summer residences of the Prussian royal family.

To experience this 2,000 hectare UNESCO World Heritage-listed site now is to embark on a study in the awesome beauty of Italian RenaissanceFrench baroqueEuropean-Chinoise and, most importantly – Frederician Rococo design.

Berlin Private Tours - Potsdam Tours - Babelsberg Palace
Potsdam Tours - Schloss Sanssouci - Frederick The Great's Residence

"A relaxing respite from the bustle of Berlin..."

From the opulent interiors of the Sansoucci Palace to the tranquil waters of the river Haveland the immaculately landscaped lawns of the royal gardens; exploring these beautiful parks and historic palaces is both calming and enlightening. A relaxing respite from the bustle of Berlin.

Guaranteed to rejuvenate your spirit and stimulate your mind.

Private Potsdam
Tour Description

A city of kings and emperors, Potsdam housed Prussia’s royal House of Hohenzollern (lit: ‘High-Taxer’) family on the edge of Berlin until the fall of German imperialism in 1918.

Often referred to as Berlin’s equivalent of Versailles, Potsdam has a collection of impressive palaces and gardens – mostly originating in the 18th and 19th centuries. 

Although Potsdam did not make it out of the Second World War unscathed, it retains much of its old-world splendour – visible in its luscious lakeside parks, castles, and its charming historical centre.

Come and join us for a day out in this beautiful city, boasting architectural wonders of Baroque, Rococo & Neo-Classical style. European in the truest sense of the word.

Best experienced during the warmer months – from May until November.

Private Potsdam
Tour Sites

– the former Emperor’s Train Station
– the impressive New Palace on the west side of the Sanssouci park
– the Orangerie Palace 
– the Chinese Tea House 
– the Sansoucci Palace, the most renowned of Potsdam’s former royal residences, built by Frederick the Great
the grave of Frederick the Great 
– the panoramic vista of the terraced vineyard in front of Sanssouci 
– The Bildergalerie, with its world-class collection of Flemish & Dutch Baroque art and Italian Renaissance masterpieces
– the Friedenskirche – Church of Peace
– the quaint cobbled-street Old Town of Potsdam
– Potsdam’s Brandenburg Gate
– the Dutch Quarter
– the Alexandrowka Russian Colony
– the New Gardens
– the Schloss Cecilienhof, the site of the 1945 Potsdam Conference – attended by Truman, Stalin and Churchill

Due to Potsdam’s to the south-west of Berlin, it is necessary to take public transport unless using private transportation. Potsdam is about 45 minutes from Berlin’s central station on the Regional train line.


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