Our 'Mythbusting Berlin' Series

In our ‘Mythbusting Berlin’ series we explore some of the most commonly asked – and most controversial – questions about the German capital; and the characters & events that have come to define the city’s unique history. Challenging popular misconceptions and exposing the unusual; the profound; and the strange along the way.

As the largest engagement of the Second World War to take place on German soil, the Battle of Berlin would prove to be the desperate last stand of Hitler’s regime; the bloody coda to a war long lost & ultimately the coup de grâce to National Socialism. Join us as we explore the bloody details of these important seventeen days in the spring of 1945 in our day-by-day coverage of the Soviet invasion of the Nazi capital.

The Potsdam Conference - A Day By Day Account

Intended to establish the framework for lasting post-war peace it instead ensured the division of Europe for the next 50 years and set the stage for the coming Cold War. To learn more about the first – and final meeting – between the Big Three (Truman, Stalin, Churchill), check out our blow-by-blow coverage of the Potsdam Conference, held near Berlin over seventeen days in the summer of 1945.

Every city has its long list of must-see sights and must-do things – Berlin is no different. Our 99 Berlin Experiences series examines the experiences in Berlin that could be considered essential. Either because of the historical significance of a certain location or landmark, or perhaps more interestingly the exact process of conducting oneself in the city. Consider these all a right of passage in the German capital – collect them all and you might be able to consider yourself a real Berliner.