The Capital Of Tyranny

Discover what life under the Nazi regime was like: for its supporters and those swept away in the whirlwind of the darkest chapter in German history.

The hysterical propaganda and the jackbooted uniformity imposed on German society that largely succeeded in transforming the European continent into a concentration camp above ground and a mass grave beneath.

How a nation crippled and traumatized by its loss of the First World War was thrust into National Socialist dictatorship by the gravediggers of Weimar democracy.


Although not the birthplace of National Socialism, Berlin would serve as the nerve-centre of Hitler’s regime following the Nazi seizure of power in 1933. Fitting now that the country’s present-day parliament convenes within walking distance of a collection of memorials established for the victims of National Socialism.

The current movement to confront the country’s past is best summarised as a respectful observation of uncomfortable history. Germany’s willingness to openly face these issues providing any serious student of European History the opportunity to study the factors and events that led to the country’s descent into totalitarian madness and genocidal dictatorship.

What is gone of Hitler’s regime lives on through memory; what remains stands as a testament to the necessity of confronting tyranny.


Explore what remains of Hitler’s Berlin

There is an undeniable mythology surrounding the Third Reich; National Socialism grips the public imagination the world over. So, too, does it retain its hold on the collective memory of today’s Berliners. And how could it not?

The Second World War irrevocably changed the face of the city; a city which is tied up with Hitler’s plans for world domination like no other.

This tour invites you to discover the history of the Third Reich beyond the obvious mythology and witness the destruction left following the defeat of Hitler’s ‘Thousand Year Empire’.

We will consider the political and architectural ramifications of National Socialism, through the still visible shrapnel damage and remaining Herrschaftsarchitektur. Find out about the courageous Berliners who stood up to totalitarian rule, and honour the memory of those who perished as a result of Nazi persecution.

Tour Details

This Capital Of Tyranny tour explores what remains of Adolf Hitler’s capital city and Berlin’s time at the heart of the Nazi empire.

Starting from either your accommodation or a designated location in the city, we will visit the major and minor locations across Berlin associated with this period in German history. 

Addressing the many aspects of life in the Third Reich, while following the path of Hitler’s Machtergreifung (rise to power). The catastrophic events; the dominant personalities of the Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler’s inner circle; and the acquiescence, either criminal or passive, that allowed National Socialism to flourish and maintain its hold on German society until the end.

We will not only examine the physical remnants of this era but also discuss the myths and realities of this period. 

  • Was the Nazi Party democratically elected?
  • Are there any Nazi statues left in Berlin?
  • Who was really responsible for the Reichstag fire?
  • Why did the Nazis use the Swastika?
  • Were the Nazi medical experiments useful?
  • Were the Anglo-American air attacks on Berlin war crimes?
  • What inspired the racial theories of Nazi Germany?
  • Were the Nazi concentration camps inspired by the British?
  • Did Hugo Boss design the Nazi uniforms?
  • Did Hitler escape to Argentina in 1945?
  • How close did the Nazis come to developing an atomic bomb?
  • Why didn’t the British and Americans take Berlin in 1945?
  • How many times did Hitler survive assassination?
  • Did the Nazis invent decaf coffee?
  • What was the relationship between Nazi Germany and the Vatican?

And much more…

What Is Included?

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This tour is designed for private transportation and includes private vehicle and professional driver costs in the total price.

All vehicles are recent model Mercedes Benz V-class/Volkswagen Caravelle vans suitable for up to six people.

For larger groups we also provide mini-vans and buses (up to 60 people).

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650€ for a 5 hour private tour – maximum 6 person group

includes 16% VAT, guide fee, booking fee, admin fee, transportation and driver costs, and mandatory German tourism insurances

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A story that offers valuable lessons for understanding the world today


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Photo Credits
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